Website Crafting & Management, Website & Cellular sites development, Project Management

What loomgo delivers

Web, Mobile & information systems consulting & bushiness development

Outsourcing services for a variety of software development projects, web & mobile based products

Project management:
  • Consulting upon project initiation process
  • Project Planning & scope management (execution) services
  • Project Monitoring and Controlling services
  • Project closing process

Consulting for software products & services management, internet & mobile products across all stages of product life cycle (PLM)

  • Road map guidance/creation aside to market research
  • Guidance / Creation of business requirements documents (BRD) and software design documents (SDD)
  • Development & coding consulting
  • Q&A consulting
  • Products for GA readiness consulting

Website development

Develop websites adjusted for any cyber device or platform. From PC via mobile and to social networks such as Facebook

  • Optimal solution for the client, based on design description for client requirements and market research
  • Website design with vast & professional programing knowledge, best suited for devices needed.
  • Developed with full adaptation for all browsers used by end users. State-of-the-art coding (i.e.HTML5 and so forth) which helps optimize the website on search engines and more.
  • Fulfilling various needs of Social network Integration: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Website platforms based on Content Management System (CMS).
Loomgo design & develop websites for various business needs:
  • Personal & Organizational portals Supply our clients a platform to manage information, workers, customers & processes across the borders of their business. An access point for information and applications needed for both business owner, his workers & their customers. Business role authorization management via the internet or intranet.
  • E-commerce solutions Develop your online shop. Catalogs & Buying process according to your needs.
  • Image & content websites Websites with management interface for simple facilitation of the content management to be fully independent.
Website Crafting & Management, Website & Cellular sites development, Project Management

Site management & Webmaster services

  • Website management services on various platforms
  • Coding & code optimization for both server & client side
  • Current Website Updates for Content & designs
  • SEO – website promotion, organic & financed

Various paying models which are adjusted to client’s needs (i.e. retainer agreement) along with frequent management needed (daily/ weekly/quarterly).

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