Loomgo delivers websites, website management services, webmaster and project management services.

About us

Loomgo specializes in crafting websites, cellular app development, internet site management, Webmaster services and Project Management services.
Loomgo's experience spans over developing internet sites & cellular sites for various business aspects. E-commerce sites, content & business image sites all combining an advanced & friendly content management platform (CMS) suited for each customer’s needs.
In apps for mobile & social networks, Loomgo specializes in developing Android & Facebook full solutions.
Loomgo provides Site management & Webmaster services. The services are given for diverse business structures and industries. The Site management & Webmaster services reduces costs & optimizes internet maintenance resources for each organization. Our services include: Website Design, Content management, promotion & optimization on search engines and more.
Project management services at Loomgo encompasses leading & executing observant, strict plans for Internet, Mobile & Information systems Projects. Our services include: Market research, Road map crafting, BRD's & SDD's and more, all customer suited in order to optimize operation & marketing activities.

From the day Loomgo was founded in 2008, each effort has been made to supply efficient business advantages for customers. We can provide project management & also work as a consultant to customers developing and managing their web sites and lastly provide webmaster services. We are working from professional stand point with no compromises aside to cost planning and excellent quality per each fulfillment.

The work process is mutual with the client. Planning and fulfillment is done throughout with constant feedback from the client.

Our principles:

Honesty & commitment

as a bases for any successful business relationship. Achieving the customer pre-defined objectives according to agreed timeline.

Service & proficiency

be aware & alert to customer needs, pedant fulfilling along with customer satisfaction.

Quality & Excellence

set strict planning measurements with the customer for desired outcomes.

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